About Us

We have written many success stories in the sector over the years. And now we come together for more.

We would like to see you among us as a business partner, user or teammate.

We are a team that comes together to add new stories to the successes of 25 years.


We are an experienced team that has developed web, desktop and mobile solutions for Geographic Information Systems, took part in dozens of large and small projects in different sectors, and reached thousands of users with our codes.

Innovation - Originality

Beyond monitoring technological developments, we are working to take our place in the future by anticipating the future, where conventional solutions will reach in the future.

per concordia progressus (progress in cooperation and harmony)

We believe in cooperation rather than competition. We believe that instead of competing fiercely, we can create solutions that win for everyone by collaborating with other players, and we see our customers as the most important part of this process and our business partners.

We are developing products that are oriented to where current technologies will come tomorrow.


We produce our own original software. We represent their products by collaborating with leading companies in their fields. We adapt and position open source code platforms in accordance with the requirements.


We become your solution partner for needs such as technical consultancy, project execution, data processing.

Business partnershipı

We work with well-established and experienced companies at home and abroad. We aim to expand and develop this ecosystem and add high technology to our solution pool as integrated platforms.

Our Services

We add technology to your business with artificial intelligence-based solutions, from the production to the presentation of all kinds of spatial data.

Object Detection (Objexa)

Using deep learning algorithms from point cloud and image data, we identify urban assets such as traffic signs, garbage containers, lighting poles in their geographical coordinates and create a GIS-based inventory.

Digital Twin (Virtual City Systems)

We prepare 3D models of cities using photogrammetric methods and different digitization techniques and present these data with advanced technologies.


City Inventory Management (CityCo)

We develop applications that enable the management of field operations such as maintenance, renewal and troubleshooting by collecting and sharing data.


3D Building Models (ArchMaster)

We produce CityGML for buildings in accordance with the standards set by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.



We produce solutions that display indoor and outdoor images and point cloud data obtained with different technologies in a single interface.

Spatial Data

We integrate, transform, analyze and report your data.


We are here to discuss your needs and achieve success together.

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